Portions of Google Pack Coming to Linux

Desktoplinux.com is reporting that Google’s Picasa application, among others, is getting a sanctioned port from Windows over to Linux.  Picasa, a photo editing and sharing program, is part of the Google Pack — a collection of interesting and useful tools that Google bundles together for new computers. The port will be handled by the commercial Wine (Wine Is Not an Emulator) company, CodeWeavers.

CodeWeavers is a major contributor to all sorts of things Wine, including the CrossOver Office project.  The Picasa port from Windows to Linux will use some of the CodeWeavers Wine APIs to interface with Linux, but some of the actual code base will change too.  CodeWeavers points out that by quasi-emulating the Windows DLL APIs for Picasa, future version updates will only require replacing the program DLLs rather than a whole recode.

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