Dual-Core Processors: What You May Not Know About Them?

Lots of people like to talk about dual-core processors these days, but do they really know what”s behind them?

TechWeb has a rather interesting article posted on five things that you probably didn’t know about dual-core processors. Most of those who have kept up on dual-core technology from AMD and Intel for the past two years are already abreast of most of this information, but it is still rather informative.

Of the 52% of people who actually have a clue as to what dual-core processors are, many of them still think that AMD and Intel were the first to launch the new buzz word in processor design – this is of course incorrect:

The widespread assumption is that the dual-core duel has been fought solely on the PC front, with AMD and Intel vying for the title of first to market. That”s incorrect. In fact, IBM beat both companies to the multicore punch, albeit with a non-X86, server processor. That occurred when Big Blue rolled out its dual-core Power 4 chip in 2001, for use in IBM”s RISC servers, in 2001.

More here.

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