Intel Plans to Open Technology Center in Gaza Strip

Intel has chosen a very interesting location for its latest information center – the Gaza Strip

Intel has announced plans to build an information education center in the sometimes unstable Gaza Strip. Intel is taking a huge risk building the Intel Information Technology Center, which will be designed to provide training to Palestinians, and to offer employment and internships to an area where unemployment is rampant. Because there aren"t many American-based companies in Palestinian territories, it should be interesting to see how well Intel does in the long run.

"We don"t want to discount the tension in the area … but from our perspective, we view it as something that can have a positive impact," said Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy. "If you talk to the leaders of the Palestinian Authority, this is exactly the kind of thing they want. They want education, they want paths to improve the economic well-being of their citizens."

The cost of construction and development of the center should only cost around $1 million, mainly because the US dollar stretches so much further in the Middle East.

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