Hubble Confirms Pluto Has Two More Moons

It has been confirmed that the furthest planet in the Earth”s solar system has three new moons

The Hubble Space Telescope has confirmed that Pluto has two more moons, which will accompany Charon and now brings the planet”s total number of moons to three. Astronomers believe that a cataclysmic collision of two objects millions of years ago created all three satellites that now orbit Pluto. The new moons have been temporarily named P1 and P2, and were discovered in May 2005 with the Hubble Space Telescope. Scientists have guessed that P1 and P2 are around 40 and 31 miles in diameter. Charon is much larger with a 750 mile diameter.

Pluto is the furthest planet in our solar system and lies in a vast band of small, icy bodies beyond Neptune called the Kuiper belt. Charon was discovered in 1978 and although some astronomers suspected that Pluto could have other, smaller, moons, none were found until now because of the difficulty in detecting objects so far away from Earth.

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