Bob Dole joins the United Arab Emirates

…to fight for them to gain control of US ports.

A delegation from the UAE is in Washington to lobby for the deal, and the company has hired former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole to assist them.

I can just imagine how he will work this one out when he talks in his usualt third person.


For those who are out of the loop, a company owned by the United Arab Emirates (a goverment) is buying a private company owned by the Brittish to control the commercial port operations in New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, New Orleans, Miami and Philadelphia. The UAE won approval from a secret US committee that cleared the UAE from any national security concerns.

The State Department describes the UAE as a vital partner in the fight against terrorism. But the UAE, a loose federation of seven emirates on the Saudi peninsula, was an important operational and financial base for the hijackers who carried out the attacks against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the FBI concluded.

Do you think this is right?

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