New Gigabit Wi-Fi Coming

GigaBeam says its technology has the potential to outrun the speed of fiber

As WiMAX catches on as the next milestone for wireless technology, a company named GigaBeam is introducing wireless technology that can transfer information at a sustained 1 Gigabit per second. GigaBeam says that it will use frequencies up to 95GHz, which is a world of difference from today"s standard 2.4GHz and 5GHz rates.

The problem with today"s wireless networks is that all the popular spectrums are crowded, says the company. Popular 2.4GHz are used everywhere and across many types of applications. This popularity causes congestion that reduces the overall performance of devices using that spectrum. However fast or whatever spectrum is used, GigaBeam"s technology can still be bogged down by environmental issues such as large rain storms.

Even with its advances, though, Gigabeam faces the same problem as other point-to-point technologies: creating a network with an unbroken sight line. Still, it could offer some businesses an alternative to fiber optics. Currently, a GigaBeam link, which consists of a set of transmitting and receiving radios, costs around $30,000.

The technology says GigaBeam, is being developed to be an alternative to fiber, although currently, fiber speeds are much faster than what GigaBeam currently offers. The technology to develop further is in place though, and GigaBeam plans to make a big splash.


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