Sony Ericsson Black Diamond Concept Phone

The latest concept from Jaren Goh is the very slick Sony Ericsson Black Diamond phone


Jaren Goh"s concept image of the Sony Ericsson Black Diamond has many consumers already drooling about the possibility of whether or not the phone will be developed. The phone is encased under a layer of polycarbonate, which helps make it look very appealing. OLED technology also helps give the phone a unique and quite interesting "borderless screen" effect.

Contrary to popular belief, not all sleek looking cell phone designs have to come from Korea. After all, Motorola’s RAZR is perhaps one of the most popular form factors ever conceived, but that doesn’t mean that Sony Ericsson has nothing to offer. Quite the contrary, this new Black Diamond concept is looking incredibly hot, especially the “borderless screen” effect.

Goh is responsible for a dozen or so designs of everything from lighting to furniture to motorcycles, but the Black Diamond is his first Sony Ericsson concept.

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