MSI”s Solar Powered MP3 Player

No batteries, no problem

MicroStar International Corp has a slogan, “Innovation with Style” — and inovate it did.. While testing new waters, MSI has created the first solar powered MP3 player now on showcase at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany.

Though bulkier then the industry preferred iPod, this gadget can last at least 8 hours while playing and can recharge even during heavy use. The idea behind this device obviously to increase environmental awareness by cutting back on discharged batteries. It is also designed to be effective in areas without much, if any, electricity.

Unlike other MSI MEGA MP3 players, the MEGA 540 actually uses a Color SuperTwis Nematic (CSTN) LCD display as opposed to a RiDisplay OLED display. CSTN is a passive LCD matrix that does not have a particularly quick response time, but is more than ample for devices like MP3 players. Since it is a passive display, the CSTN uses very little power outside of the backlights.

The test subject for this experiment was MSI’s MEGA Player 540 infused with solar cells which cover almost the entire backside of the device. A USB cable can also be used to recharge the internal batteries. Although a great achivement, the solar cells make the MEGA 540 a rather costly product and will likely not be sold in mass production any time soon…

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