Lemmings Return to PSP

856_psp_lemmings_051.jpgOur beloved little Lemmings return on Sony’s PSP handheld console for their 15th anniversary

PR Newswire is reporting today that Sony Computer Entertainment of America (SCEA) will be releasing a new version of the old Lemmings PC game to their PlayStation Portable in May 2006.

Many of you may remember that Lemmings started off as a 2D game in 1991 in which the player guides these little Lemmings characters to an exit door on the screen, usually on the other side of the screen from where they are dropped in, by designating certain Lemmings to block, dig, to blow up to open up blocked areas, and to build steps to higher areas which would otherwise be unreachable by the simple minded creatures.

There were a total of 12 Lemmings titles developed and ported to almost all console and PC versions of the last generation. Bringing back the Lemmings game to the PSP is sure to be a big hit for those who could never get enough of the puzzle based gameplay of the original titles.

The new Lemmings game will feature slightly updated graphics as the screenshot on the right shows. Here is a passage from the official press release.

Quick thinking and skillful management of the Lemmings group is critical because danger lurks at every step of their relentless march. Players will need to control the Lemmings to avoid doom and disaster, including the threat of raging rivers, steep cliffs, pits of lava, mechanical spikes, and flame-throwing turrets that threaten the Lemmings’ safety. Lemmings features more than 150 levels, including more than 20 all-new puzzles created specifically for the PSP. In addition, the game will host a new mix of music, custom level creation, and wireless capability to share newly created levels.

Recently, Sony announced that it will be cutting prices on the PSP as well as introducing a number of add-ons like a GPS receiver, a USB-attached camera, as well as video and VoIP service to begin the PSP’s identity of an electronic Swiss Army knife. The price is said to be cut down to $199 and its about time since it has been out for quite a while!

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