Texas Inst. Calculators Play Music

We can now add ’playing music’ to the list of things we can do with calculators


After we learned to master Texas Instruments’ graphing calculators for tasks such as, well, graphing, we found it possible to program formula applications and some ’memory refreshing information’, as I like to call it, to make things a bit easier on us during math and science exams. We then found it possible to create programs which allowed us to draw and eventually the ability to program games like Tetris, mini-golf, and even Super Mario Bros. and Wolfenstein on our little TI-xx calculators. What next?

A story posted on Engadget today informed us of yet another possibility with Texas Instruments’ little plastic wonders. It seems as though a man by the name of James Montelongo, who has coded a few other small programs for TI products, has also found a way to play audio through the TI-83+ SE and TI-84 series graphing calculator products. James has also taken a demonstration video of the calculator outputting a Green Day song to his computer speakers. The video is a bit choppy but it shows James starting the music.

With so much functionality being developed into such single purpose devices today, at what point can we throw in the towel and call them PDAs? -)

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