Big day for RSS on Windows

newsgator_inbox_searchTalk about a one-two punch. NewsGator launched new versions of both their Outlook add-in, now called NewsGator Inbox, and FeedDemon, a desktop RSS client. The company has also completely redesigned their pricing to address customer concerns about the subscription model they adopted in the previous release. NewsGator founder Greg Reinacker, announcing the new releases on his blog yesterday wrote:

"And finally, as of these releases we"ve made good on our promise to abolish the subscription model as you used to know it. Now, you can buy FeedDemon or NewsGator Inbox (and soon NetNewsWire) for $29.95, and you"ll get a free year subscription which includes value-added services such as synchronization (and lots more to come). At the end of that year, you can choose to renew your subscription if you wish for $19.95. But if you choose not to renew, your software will continue to work forever – just without the online-specific features."

I use both applications but tend to favor the Outlook add-in and I have spent most of my time working with that beta release. There are two schools of thought about aggregating RSS into Outlook. Some (including me) think that Outlook is a natural repository for RSS feeds. Using any desktop search tool makes your RSS store easily searchable and it"s a simple matter to forward an interesting post to a friend or co-worker, just as you would with an e-mail message. Others prefer a standalone application like FeedDemon or a web-based aggregator.

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