Hackers Take Down State Dept. Computers

China"s army considered one of the chief suspects says US Defense Department

The US State Department is currently going through reassembly and repair mode on its computers and networks at various locations including headquarter locations in Washington. Many of the computer stations and network connections were compromised by a large group of hackers several weeks ago and even today, repairs are still being carried out.

According to US officials, hackers planted various backdoors and other holes to return whenever they wished. Unfortunately for the recovery team, tracing the break-in is said to be difficult. Despite tracing difficulties, the officials said that the break-in occurred in the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, which deals with countries such as North Korea and China. The State Department said that the majority of the attacks occurred just a few short weeks prior to North Korea"s missile tests. During that time, the Bureau ended up losing its Internet connectivity for several days.

The report says that the Bureau believes that China"s government was considered one of the suspects of the computer break-ins. However, the report also says that China is home to a large number of insecure computers and networks in which hackers from other countries could masquerade behind to initiate attacks. Despite this, China"s army previously stated that it would be consider computer hacking for offensive purposes.

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