SnagIt integration with Skype

I"m a huge fan of TechSmith"s SnagIt screen capture utility and have been a satisified, no – make that delighted, customer for a long time. I recently upgraded to version 8.1 but honestly have not had a lot of time to look into the new features as I"ve been using the utility primarily to capture very basic screen shots for the book I"m working on.

I just received the latest SnagIt newsletter and learned about a new Skype integration feature that will be invaluable in the consulting and training work I do.

If you share images during Skype conversations, you know the process involves taking and saving the screen capture, then browsing for, opening, attaching and sending the image file over Skype.
Now, SnagIt has a set of profiles for Skype that allow you to take screen captures and send them immediately to the person you"re talking to over Skype – or to any of your other Skype contacts. It"s the perfect combination of two innovative technologies.

You can read about this new feature here. A great tool just got better.

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