Another Dell laptop ignites

Today’s “
Dell laptop bursts into flames
story brought to you by “Henrik the Automation Engineer” of Vernon Hills, Illinois. Quick on the draw with his 7.2 megapixel camera, “Henrik” managed to document the amusing / scary saga of his coworker’s notebook, well, pulling a Dell — and as the placement of the gaping hole in the lappy’s burned-out husk indicates, there’s little doubt as to the cause of this blaze. C’mon, Dell, enough with the inquiries: if you’ve really been aware of this dangerous defect for several years now, it’s time to fess up and let your customers know the full extent of the problem. Because until you do, these little incidents are going to continue to get a ton of press — and models from HP and Gateway are going to continue looking more and more attractive to consumers who value life and limb.

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