VMware Virtualization Coming to Macs

Virtualization heats up on Intel-Macs

VMware announced today that its VMware virtualization suite will be coming to Apple computers not too long from now. The company has announced a pre-trial beta program  for OS X users. VMware is very well known for rock-solid virtualization in the enterprise space. With new Intel-based Macs from Apple, the prospects for running other operating systems while working inside OS X becomes extremely appealing for many. According to VMware:
Love your Mac even more with the ability to simultaneously run any PC OS — Windows, Linux, NetWare and others — on Mac OS X. Switch between operating systems by easily  tabbing between applications and share data between the two operating systems by dragging and dropping files on the fly — all without needing to reboot. What’s more, you can create virtual machines and run them on other VMware products or run any VMware virtual machine on your Mac.

Virtual machines created in VMware products for the PC will also be able to be run on VMware for the Mac. Intel’s VT virtualization technology will be taken advantage of on Intel-based Macs.

Virtualization has become a big topic not only in the computer industry in general, but extremely so for Apple’s platform since the start of the year. Parallel’s Desktop for Mac made headlines when it was first introduced earlier this year. With Parallel’s virtualization, users saw performance that was never before seen, thanks in a large part to VT technology in the latest Intel processors.

In an effort to boost virtualization awareness, both Microsoft and VMware previously made both their flagship virtualization products available for free. VMware will be showing off a demo of its new virtualization platform for OS X today, while Apple’s own World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) is occurring.

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