Next Big Thing from Sony

My,my I’m hi on mylo’s Skype integration

Count me in on Sony’s mylo communicator.Haven’t tried it yet, but I love the concept that this $350 list, no-monthly-service-fees device will essentially be a mobile Skype device. You’ll be able to get access to Skype, SkypeIn, and SkypeOut calling at publicly available WiFi hotspots as well as on college campuses and in your home as well.Mad props as well to the integration of JiWire’s 20,000-hotspot directory into the device. And I mean in the device, not via a login over a wireless Internet connection.Of course mylo’s got wireless Internet as well. I go there frequently in my small but growing arsenal of schleparound gizmos. If you make this easy, mylo, cool on you. The slide-out QWERTY keyboard has …


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