Google Pizza

google pizza


One of the crazier PR stunts I’ve seen for a while: Cambrian House, an open-source software company, turn up at Google unannounced and feed them 1000 complimentary pizzas .

I thought the tone of the YouTube video was a wee bit too “Dotcom-MTV” for my tastes, but hey, I’m probably not the target market.

That being said, kudos to them for having a go. This is classic “Ooze” in action [“Ooze” i.e. OoS, short for “Objects of Sociability], which as I’ve said before, I believe is the future of marketing.

[Future of marketing:] Where “the message” is replaced by “the social gesture” etc.

[PS: I’m actively looking for “Marketing 2.0” stories at the moment, so please feel free to send me a link.]

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