No WiFi for iPod :(

Apple Shocks the World, Denies Wi-Fi iPod


This is pretty crazy, given that Apple’s asshole puckers up tighter than a snare drum regarding statements about future products. The DigiTimes is reporting that Apple Taiwan has dismissed the claims of the future iPod having Wi-Fi capabilities—kind of. They originally said that Apple is sending staff to the major markets in Asia to teach retailers how to demo the product. This was the claim that Apple promptly denied.

So in all reality, it is still a possibility for the next-gen iPod to have Wi-Fi capabilities, but highly unlikely in my opinion. They have enough battery-life problems as it is and they are no way ready to tackle the power-sucking Wi-Fi adapters. But really, does it even matter if it has Wi-Fi? Probably not, because we will all buy the next-gen iPod anyway.

Apple says ‘no’ to wireless iPod claims [Register]

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