Apple's STB ???

Apple’s Rumored Set-top Box is True

Arriving in Q1’07 in a home theater near you

Along with new iPods, new iTunes and online movies, Apple today revealed that it is indeed working on a set-top box for home theater use. Currently codenamed iTV,
the box will be roughly half the size of a Mac Mini and will include
wireless video and audio streaming capabilities. Because of the new Mac
Minis, making an official set-top box won’t be too much of a challenge
for Apple.

Apple is planning to officially release the new
set-top box sometime in Q1’07. For now, Apple is working on a number of
things. Users will also be pleased that the new box will feature
everything neatly integrated, including the big honking power supply
that accompanied the Mac Mini.

Standard high-definition video interfaces will be integrated into the iTV. HDMI, RCA outputs and optical connections will be available. Apple said the iTV will include something along the lines of wireless component video.

The iTV
will feature a next-generation interface along the lines of Front Row,
since the unit will now able to tune into cable TV. Although Apple
demonstrated DVD-quality video today, no details were revealed on what
services the iTV would be able to accept. CableCARD and other
details were absent. Apple however demonstrated a copy of The
Incredibles that was being played back at HDTV resolution — whether or
not Apple will be making HDTV downloads available in the future is

iTV will be priced at $299 when it is released next year.

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