Students: Get your gadget on

When was the last time you tried to write HTML, build your resume and strut your stuff all at once? Well, now’s your chance. We recently launched the Google Gadget Awards, a program designed to challenge U.S. college students to create clever Google Gadgets. It’s easy for anyone with even a little bit of web design experience to create one. They can be fun (like one of my personal favorites, this radio gadget), useful (like this to-do gadget), or just really, really simple (like this facts and trivia gadget). And anyone can add the gadgets to their Google personalized homepage or to Google Desktop.

If you’re not a university student in the U.S., you can still create Google Gadgets. Although they won’t be entered in the Awards, if they’re clever enough you just might find them on Google homepages around the world.

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