Havok Teams Up with Autodesk

Havok Teams Up With Autodesk

Havok for 3D Studio Max 9
Havok today announced it has partnered with Autodesk to deliver real-time physics technology to 3ds Max 9. Havok claims “The upgrade of Havok Physics in 3ds Max 9 means that greater numbers of interacting objects can be simulated in real time, helping digital artists manage the increasing complexity of 3D datasets characteristic of next-generation game, film, broadcast and design development.”
There’s no mention if Havok Physics for 3ds Max 9 will support hardware accelerated physics processing such as NVIDIA’s upcoming Quantum Physics Engine. Although NVIDIA’s Quantum Physics Engine is a part of the upcoming G80 consumer graphics architecture, it will most likely make its way to NVIDIA’s Quadro product lineup. This could prove interesting as NVIDIA’s Quadro graphics processors support SLI technology and would make an ideal match for 3ds Max 9 with SLI physics technology.
AGEIA announced earlier this year that its middleware and hardware stack will work with Autodesk products as well. Autodesk is one of the first companies to endorse both physics middlewares — though AGEIA is still the only provider with a hardware accelerator.

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