Dell refunds Windows cost to Linux user

Dell refunds Windows cost to Linux user

A U.K. freelance
by the name of Dave Mitchell found out to his surprise that Dell will
refund the cost of Windows XP on new machines if a user does not use
the operating system. Mr. Mitchell discovered this refund when he received his new Dell laptop and wanted to run Linux on it instead of XP.

he switched on his laptop for the first time, he took the not so common
option of deciding to not agree to the Windows XP license agreement. He
then wrote a letter to Dell stating that he wanted his money back since
he wasn’t going to use the operating system that had come preinstalled (and pre-paid-for) on the laptop.

enough, within two days he received a phone call from Dell saying the
credit would appear on his credit card. And two days later his card had
a credit of £55.23 (US$104) applied. Dell has yet to ask Mr. Mitchell
to return the Windows disc he isn’t using.

Read more at BBC News, and catch Dell’s official denial that this is a policy at LinuxWorld.


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