Toyota Designs Hybrid Vehicle Using Pedal Power and Electricity

Toyota Designs Hybrid Vehicle Using Pedal Power and Electricity


Toyota has designed a concept car for that time when we’ll all be towing our Priuses with a team of horses, calling its creation a Renewable Lifestyle Vehicle (RLV). It takes the word “hybrid” to the next level, splitting its powertrain between pedal power and a battery-powered electric motor.

Yep, it’s like that little pedal-powered fire truck you had when you were a kid. It’s super light, made of aluminum, bamboo and something called “bioplastic,” known to you and me as garbage. Why was this designed, anyway?

Toyota didn’t say if or when it plans to build such a vehicle; the company was just playing a game called the Design Challenge, dreamed up by the greater Los Angeles Auto Show, urging nine carmakers to imagine “a time when all vehicles have technology allowing the public to enjoy the distinctive Southern California lifestyle and unique environment without harming it.”


The goofiest vehicle in the competition was the Green Hummer, pictured above, that somehow uses panels made out of slime, I mean, algae, to pay back for all of that polluting carbon dioxide it spews. The algae is supposed to photosynthesize oxygen out of the Hummer’s plentiful supply of carbon dioxide emissions.

We’ll find out who wins this competition on Thursday (November 30).

Toyota Unveil Hybrid Pedal-Electric Concept ‘Car’ ]treehugger]

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