How to cure traffic jams

How to cure traffic jams

TrafficThink traffic jams are an unbeatable force?

Bill Beaty, an electrical engineer and “traffic physics” enthusiast, doesn’t think so.

After conducting his own experiments, Bill’s discovered a simple trick anyone can do to relieve two common types of traffic jams: the “merging-traffic jam” and the “traffic wave”

The strategy is to simply maintain a large space in front of you instead of instinctively speeding up to close any gaps. It’s counter-intuitive, but according to his own experiments, it works. Here’s what he says:

Traffic jams on highways are often triggered where two lanes must merge into one. Lanes of cars cannot merge if there are no large gaps between cars. Therefore, drivers who create large gaps between cars will ease this type of traffic jam.

Bill backs this up with thorough explanations and animated diagrams of his experiments. He also responds to a lenghthy list of frequently asked questions.

I find the idea of one driver being able to beat Goliath-like traffic jams fascinating. But I must confess. I don’t know how to drive and can’t test this out personally. So if any LifeClever reader would like to test this out, please share your results!

A cure for waves & jams
Merging-Lane Traffic Jams, A Simple Cure

Thanks to Hugh Dubberly for sending this my way.

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