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Apple's STB ???

Apple’s Rumored Set-top Box is True Arriving in Q1’07 in a home theater near you Along with new iPods, new iTunes and online movies, Apple today revealed that it is indeed working on a set-top box for home theater use. … Continue reading

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iTunes 7

Apple Showtime Announcements: iTunes 7 (and other stuff) Alongside scads of gadget related announcements, the newest version of iTunes 7 is being demo’ed at Apple’s Showtime event as I type, and while it’s not yet available for download (will be … Continue reading

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iPhone is Real

Apple Cellphone Is Real and Coming Soon? Analysts are getting bolder in their predictions for the Apple “iPhone”, this time telling their clients to be “aggressive” in purchasing Apple shares before the phone is released. American Technology Research Analyst Shaw … Continue reading

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Leopard Gui

OS X Leopard GUI New GUI effect in Leopard as featured on Author: bloggingdirty Keywords: osx mac apple gui effect leopard Added: August 14, 2006

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Mac OS goes Open Source! Apple Opens Up: Kernel, Mac OS Forge, iCal Server, Bonjour, Launchd As of today, we are posting buildable kernel sources for Intel-based Macs alongside the usual PowerPC (and other Intel) sources, starting with Mac OS X 10.4.7…

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VMware Virtualization Coming to Macs

Virtualization heats up on Intel-Macs VMware announced today that its VMware virtualization suite will be coming to Apple computers not too long from now. The company has announced a pre-trial beta program  for OS X users. VMware is very well known … Continue reading

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Touchscreen iPod Due This November Says Our Secret Source

Apple’s upcoming iPod will make its debut this November and will definitely feature a touchscreen, Gizmodo has learned. Let’s just say that we have a couple of people fairly high up the Apple food chain who have made it known … Continue reading

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